Allusions to Jerusalem in the Torah

Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Torah (the chumash), it is only alluded to. Many allusions to Jerusalem can be found in Parshat Re'eh, including Dvarim 12:5-6: "To the place that God shall choose from all of your tribes to put His name, there shall you seek Him at His dwelling and there shall you come: and there shall you bring your burnt offerings and your sacrifices."

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan points out three reasons that the Rambam, Maimonides gives for why Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Torah.

  1. If the nations of the world knew where God's holy place would be, they may have taken it over immediately.
  2. Those who were ruling Jerusalem at the time may have made it a spiritual center for idol worship.
  3. There may have been fighting within B'nai Yisrael. The tribes may have fought over why one tribe was chosen over another to have Jerusalem within it's borders.

God waited until there was a king in place who would hopefully be able to avert these problems.

Today, we are facing many of the same challenges. We are struggling for the right to hold on to Jerusalem. Jews are not free to pray on the Temple Mount and we are fighting amongst ourselves over who has monopoly over the Kotel (Western Wall).

We need political and religious leaders today that will stand up for Jerusalem as the undivided capitol of Israel, a place where all Jews are free to pray whenever, wherever and however they choose.