Is Israel Really a Land Flowing With Milk and Honey?

In Parshat Ki Tavo (Dvarim 26:9) we see the concept of the Land of Israel as "eretz zavat chalav u'devash", "a land flowing with milk and honey."

We have already seen this concept in a few other places in the Torah.

The first place was at the burning bush when God told Moshe that he would free the Jewish people from slavery and bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey, the land of the Knaanim.(Shmot 3:8)

In reference to the celebration of Pesach (Shmot 13:5) we also see that once B'nei Yisrael reach the land of the Knaanim.the land that God had promised, the land of milk and honey, then the Passover holiday must be observed.

Even the meraglim, spies, who brought back a horrible account of what was happening in the land of Israel prefaced their negative comments (Bamidbar 13:27) with the fact that the land is flowing with milk and honey and is fruitful. However, unfortunately then they continued on to complain about the land.

Joshua and Kalev, the only two meraglim that brought a good report tried to counter what the other spies had said: (Bamidbar 14:8) If God delights in us then he will bring us up to the land and give it to us- a land flowing with milk and honey.

According to Sforno, the land flowing with milk and honey should be taken literally, An abundant amount of milk is produced with ease and there is plenty of honey and delicacies fit for a king.

Anyone who has ever been to Israel raves about the dairy products and the selection of candies and delicacies that are available here. Israel is still producing plenty of milk and honey. Even the meraglim attested to this.

Each of us should take the opportunity sit back and enjoy the produce of the Land of Israel. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of the current State of Israel, we should look for all of the positives that the land has to offer us.