Why Go To Israel?

At the end of Parshat Noach, Breisheet 11:31, we read: ""Terach took Avram, his son, Lot, his grandson and Sarai, his daughter-in-law. With them he departed from Ur Kasdim to go to the Land of Cnaan (Israel).""

Why would Terach, an idol worshiper take the initiative to head out towards the land of Cnaan?

According to Chizkuni, Terach was headed towards Cnaan because he was a Semite, a descendant of Shem, the son of Noach. The descendants of Shem were promised the Land of Cnaan as an inheritance. In effect, Terach was actually heading home.

Sforno says that they were heading towards Cnaan because it is known to be the most desirable of all of the lands. As it says in Devarim 11:12, ""A land which God cares for, the eyes of God are always upon it.""

Sforno adds that the rain of the flood did not destroy the air in Israel the way it destroyed the air in the rest of the lands. As it says in Yechezkel 22:24: ""You are a land that was not rained upon in the day of wrath.""

The Rabbis of the Talmud taught in Baba Metzia 158b that the air in the Land of Israel makes one wise.

Israel is a great place.

Many of us go to Israel for different reasons:

1.It is the land of our inheritance
2.It is the land that God constantly watches over
3.The air is good
4.There is a spiritual feeling that we have in Israel that you can't find anywhere else.

Whatever our own personal reasons are, it's important to go to Israel and not wait. Although Terach headed out towards Israel, he never actually made it. He died in Charan.

In Charan, God commanded Avram ""Lech Lecha,"" Go (to Israel) for your own good. In Israel, I will make you a great nation and you shall be blessed.

That tops it off our list with two more reasons to go
to Israel:
1.Go because it is a mitzvah (commandment)
2.By going you will be blessed