Aliya is on the rise

In Parshat Re’eh (Dvarim 11:31) we read the famous words “For you shall pass across the Jordan to come to inherit the land that HaShem, your God is giving you, you will inherit it and will dwell in it.”

Rashi quoting Sifrei comments that the miracles of the Jordan river (it miraculously split like the Red Sea so that B’nai Yisrael could pass through) will be a symbol for you that you will enter the land and take possession of it.

Just as God miraculously brought us to the Land of Israel, so too will He take care of us while we are there.

As the new school year begins, we look back on a summer where 6000 olim (new immigrants) arrived in Israel from countries including Russia, France, The USA, Brazil and Belarus.

Many of these olim are children who will now have to adjust to a new language a new culture and a new school system.

Twelve years ago we were in their shoes when Dov, age 4 1/2 started kindergarten in Jerusalem just two days after making aliya.

Dov, now fluent in both Hebrew and English is starting 12th grade at Himmelfarb high school. Last night, the school announced that they accepted many new olim from different countries and they will be opening up special ulpan classes for those students to help them catch up and acclimate.

As long as the new olim are made to feel at home they will keep coming.

Packing up your entire life and moving to a different part of the world is not easy. However, when one is made to feel welcome when they arrive the absorption is made much easier.

May we do what we can to help those who would like to make aliya as well as those who have already arrived in Israel.