Israel’s Produce- the Best in the World!

In Parshat Haazinu, Devarim 32:13-14 we read part of the song that refers to the rich bounty of the Land of Israel:


He would make him ride on the heights of the Land

And have him eat the produce of the fields;

He would suckle him with honey from the stone and oil from a flinty rock;

Butter of cattle and milk of sheep with fat of lambs, rams born in Bashan and he goats

With wheat as fat as kidneys; and you would drink blood of grapes like delicious wine.


Onkelos interprets these two psukim to mean that God will bring the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, enable them to defeat its rulers and enjoy the lavish booty of the conquests.


Rashi uses Midrashim to explain how great the Land’s agricultural resources and flourishing livestock are.


Rashi brings the Misrash from Sifrei to interpret “vayochal tnuvat sadai”, “have him eat the produce of the fields”. According to Sifrei, these words refer specifically to the fruit of the Land of Israel which develop and ripen quicker than the fruit of any other lands.


The word “tnuva” in Modern Hebrew means yield, produce or crop. The company, Tnuva is the largest dairy products manufacturer in Israel. Tnuva has now also branched out into the meat and pastry markets as well.


When we look at the products that are available in Israel today, we see the words from the song in Parshat Haazinu come alive- honey, olives, oil, butter, milk, meat, wheat and wine.


Sforno adds that the true blessing will be that one will not even need to work hard in order to grow great produce as it says in Yehoshua 24:13, “…vineyards and olive yards which you did not plant, you do eat.”


How great would it be if we could have all of this great produce and not even have to work hard for it?