May God Protect the Israeli Soldiers

In Parshat Ki Tavo we read about the blessing and the admonition. Before the admonition is the blessing that will be bestowed upon us if we fulfill the commandments.


In Devarim 28:7 we read part of the blessing: “Yiten Hashem et Oyvecha HaKamim Alecha Nigafim Lifanecha…”, “God shall cause your enemies who rise up against you to be struck down before you…”


This pasuk was adapted into the Mishaberach L’Chayalei Tzahal , The prayer for the members of Israel’s Defense Force that we recite on days that the Torah is read.


Chayalei Tzahal, the Israeli soldiers are truly a blessing that we must not take for granted. Every day, our soldiers put their lives on the line to make sure that we are safe.


Living in Israel, we see soldiers carrying guns wherever we go- on the buses and trains, in the street, in shul and in the supermarket. The soldiers are both men and women, native Israelis and new immigrants, some are observant, some are traditional and others call themselves secular. They all have a common goal to protect the Land of Israel.


Even after eight years, I am still caught off guard every time that I see a soldier and I think of how blessed we are to have the Israeli Defense Force.


Of course, the true blessing will be when we will no longer have enemies surrounding us looking to attack us from all sides.