Tzedaka is a Mitzva for Men and Women
In Parshat Vayakhel, Shmot 35:22 we read: “The men came with the women, all who were generous of heart brought  bracelets, nose rings, finger rings and buckles, all kinds of golden vessels, and every man that offered a wave offering of gold unto God.”


According to Ramban, we learn from here that the men were secondary to the women. The men came “al HaNashim”, after the women. Since the jewelry that is listed here was normally worn by women, the Torah pays tribute to the women. As soon as the women heard that precious metals were needed, they immediately removed their most precious possessions and gave them in.


Rashi says that the men and women came together, the men came with the women or close to the women, since it was important for both the husband and the wife to be comfortable with the contribution that they were making.


We see from here that the women were first with wanting to make the contributions and the husbands supported their decisions. The women were not forced in any way to give their jewelry to the mishkan but rather gave willingly since they felt that it was the right thing to do.


Tzedaka is a mitzvah for both men and women and the decision of what each contribution should be and who the contributions should be given to should be a joint decision between the husband and the wife.