Never Give Up!

Parshat Re'eh, Devarim 12:10-12 states: "When you cross the Jordan and settle in the land that God gave is apportioning to you, and has granted you peace from all of your enemies around, and you will live secure. Let it be that the place where God chooses to place his presence therein (The Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem) there shall you bring your sacrifices.You are to rejoice in the presence of your God, you and your sons and your daughters.""

Thursday evening in Jerusalem we were able to fulfill part of this prophecy. With the cease fire earlier this week, a sense of peace and security in the land began to emerge.

On Thursday evening two hundred people, Israelis and tourists, men, women and children of all ages gathered in Jerusalem to sing and dance at a concert in solidarity with the residents of Northern Israel.

The band members of Simply Tsfat actually live in Tsfat as well as our opening act "Banjo Billy" and an artist who sold works from his gallery which had no customers over the past month. As we all know, Safed and many of the other Northern communities have been devastated by rocket fire and have in essence been "Closed for Business" for the past month with no income from tourists who would normally be all over this part of Israel during the summer.

The band brought an upbeat tempo and told stories of how they kept their spirits high even in the face of much danger. Some of the songs Simply Tsfat sang this evening were a real testament to this. Songs such as "Don't be Sad", "Never Give Up" and "Be Happy" echoed through the hall and we all danced and sang together as one people, one nation.

Torat Reva Yerushalayim would like to thank the generous sponsors who made this special uplifting evening possible!

Let's hope and pray that we will be granted true peace from all of our enemies and that we will live securely in our land.