With God on Our Side We Have Nothing to Fear

In Memory of Joelle Lewandowski z”l


In Parshat Ekev, when B’ani Yisrael were about to enter the Land of Israel they were told (Devarim 9:3): Listen, Israel! You are crossing the Yarden to come inherit nations greater and more powerful than you; cities great and fortified to the sky. A great and powerful people, descendents of the Anakim (commonly translated as giants, translated as heroes by Rav Saadya Gaon) about whom you know and heard “who can stand up to the descendents of Anak”? You know that HaShem, your God is the one crossing before you, a consuming fire, He will destroy them and he will subdue them before you; you will expel them quickly, as God promised for you.


Ramban points out that the enemies who were already in the Land were frightened of Israel. With a trembling heart, low spirit and feebleness of hands they went out against them in battle. Although the Anakim had might and height, their hearts were more humbled than those of the rest of the people and they did not go out into battle at all but were rather hiding in the mountains and in the fortified cities. Yehoshua later destroyed the Anakim in their cities- proof that they didn’t go out to battle.


We see from here that our enemies were cowards and with God on our side, we were able to destroy them.


Unfortunately, yesterday, our enemies attacked innocent civilians in a number of terror attacks. We hope and pray to see the prophecy at the end of our Parsha speedily in our day (Devarim 11:23-25): God will expel all these nations before you, and you will inherit nations greater and more powerful than you. Every place that the soul of your foot steps on will be yours, from the wilderness of Lebanon, from the river- the Euphrates River- up to the ultimate sea, will be your boundary. No man will stand up to you; fear of you and awe of you will God place upon the surface of the entire Land that you are stepping into as He promised you.