Our Deep Roots in the City of Chevron

In Parshat Chayei Sarah, we see the importance of the city of Chevron, the city where our forefathers and foremothers are buried.


Chevron was not only important in the days of the Patriarchs.


When the Meraglim (spies) went to check out the Land of Israel in the days of Moshe we read in Bamidbar13:22: “They went up into the Negev and came to Chevron…”


Rashi says that Calev went to Chevron alone and prostrated himself in prayer at the grave of the patriarchs so that he would not be enticed by his companions to join in their design (to spread gossip about the land of Israel). Accordingly it says in Devarim 1:36 “I will give him (Calev) the land on which he walked as it is written in the Gemara in Sotah “they gave to Calev Chevron.”


After King Saul died, Shmuel Bet, 2:1, David asked God if he should go up to one of the cities of Yehuda and God said “Go up”. When David asked “To where shall I go up?” God responded “To Chevron.”


According to the Zohar, David could not become king until he came to Chevron and united himself spiritually with the Patriarchs who are buried there in Maarat HaMachpela.


In Shmuel Bet 2:2-4 we read: “So David went up with his two wives- Ahinoam of Jezreel and Avigail the (former) wife of Naval the Carmelite. David also brought up his men who were with him, each man with his household and they settled in the towns around Chevron. The men of Yehuda came and they anointed David as king over the house of Yehuda”.


Radak points out that Shmuel had already anointed David in Shmuel Alef 16:13 showing that God chose David as their king. Now we see that the tribe of Yehuda accepted David as their king as well.


In Shmuel Bet 3:2-5 we read that sons were born to David in Chevron with a listing of the names of his six sons followed by the words: “These were born to David in Chevron.”


It is clear that there is an emphasis on the fact that his children were born in Chevron.


In 5:5 we see that David ruled over Yehuda in Chevron for 7 and a half years before ruling over Yehuda and Yisrael in Jerusalem for thirty-three years.


David’s career as king started in Chevron!


We can learn from these sources that Chevron remained a spiritual place long after the days of Avraham and Sarah. Today, there are many tourists who make it a point to visit Chevron and pray at Maarat HaMachpela each time that they come to Israel.

As well, there are brave Israelis who connect to our deep roots in the city and have taken the challenge upon themselves to make Chevron their home