What Made Avraham's Life Complete?

In Parshat Chayei Sarah, after the account of Sarah's death and burial, we read (Breisheet 24:1) "Avraham was old, advanced in days and God blessed Avraham .bakol' with all things."

According to Rashi, the gimatriya (numerical equivalent) of bakol (52) and the gimatriya for ben (son) are the same. Now that he had a son (Yitzchak) he needed to find him a wife. In order for Avraham's life to be complete, all he was missing was a daughter in law.

The Gemara in Bava Batra 16b has different explanations for the word "bakol".

1.Rabbi Meir said: Avraham was blessed that he did not have a daughter. Ramban comments that if Avraham had a daughter he would have had trouble finding her a husband. He wouldn't have wanted her to marry one of the C'naanim. If she married someone from outside of Israel she may have been influenced to worship idols. Avraham didn't want his children that he had fathered together with Sarah to leave the land of Israel and he certainly didn't want them to worship idols.

2.Rabbi Yehudah said: Avraham's blessing was that he did have a daughter. Having a daughter made his life complete.

3.Others say: He did have a daughter and her name was actually "bakol".

Whatever way you look at it, all of the wealth in the world would not satisfy Avraham. He was more concerned with upholding the covenant, that the descendents from Sarah's lineage would be a monotheistic people who would inherit the land of Israel. Since Avraham didn't want Yitzchak to leave Israel, he sent his servant Eliezer to find Yitzchak a wife. Throughout the Parsha we see Rivka's good character traits and how much Yitzchak loved her.

Towards the end of the Parsha we read (25:8) "Avraham died in a good old age, old and satisfied".

Now that Avraham saw that Yitzchak and Rivka were continuing in his footsteps he was satisfied that his mission was complete.

May all those who are looking for their "bashert" find the love that Yitzchak found with Rivka.