Entering the Land of Israel

Parshat Ki Tavo begins with the words "Vehaya ki tavo el HaAretz...", "It will be when you enter the Land that God gives you as an inheritance and you possess it and dwell in it".


This week we felt this pasuk come alive as the Midreshet Devora students entered the Land of Israel (many for the first time) on Tuesday and Wednesday to spend the year inheriting the Land, possessing the Land and most importantly dwelling in the Land. We are so glad that they will be spending the year with us!


On Wednesday we walked 5 minutes from the student apartment to the promenade overlook of the Old City where we discussed the Akeidat Yitzhak and Har HaMoria, the Temple Mount.

We then walked along Derech Hevron towards the Old City and stopped at a location which offered a stunning view of Migdal David and the Old City walls. We continued up to the Zion Gate where we discussed the many battles that took place at this location during the War of Independence.


Entering the Jewish Quarter, we made our way to the Kotel overlook and talked about the Beit HaMikdash and the Temple Mount in our day. We sang the famous Naomi Shemer song Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Jerusalem of Gold along with other songs and gave each student a Book of Tehillim.


We then made our way down to the Kotel Plaza and the Kotel itself where the young women davenned Mincha and said Tehillim.


After this very emotional moment we capped off the day back in Baka at the Waffle Bar restaurant! A good time was had by all!