The Mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim- Inviting Guests

In Breisheet 18:5-8, Avraham saw three people heading in the direction of his tent and he ran to welcome them into his home (even though he wasn’t well after undergoing a brit milah at age 99). Avraham then told them that he would bring them a morsel of bread. Off he hurried to Sarah’s tent and told her to hurry up and make “oogot” (according to the Alshich she quickly made them matzot- “oogot matzot”). Then he ran again, this time to the cattle, took a tender and good calf and asked the young man (according to Rashi, his son Yishmael) to quickly prepare it.
According to Daat Zekeinim, Avraham quickly brought back the cream and milk for the men to eat right away (since that required little preparation) and then he brought the full meal which consisted of calves meat.
Radak explains that the reason that this whole story is recounted is to teach us how excited and quick Avraham was to observe the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim, inviting guests. Not only did he invite them in, he gave them the best of everything that he had: fine flour and a tender and good calf.
Avraham also wanted to get his family involved in observing the mitzvah as well. He therefore asked Sarah to bake the “oogot” and he asked Yishmael to cook the meat. Ramban points out that we especially see Avraham’s generosity in the fact that he and his family prepared everything on their own, even though it says in Breisheet 14:14 that he had 318 servants.
If Avraham took this mitzvah so seriously when he was not even well, then certainly so should we. Anyone was has been away from home or alone knows what a great feeling it is to be welcomed into somebody’s home. Let’s take this opportunity on Parshat Vayera to look around our communities and invite people who otherwise would be alone. Although it takes a lot of work and preparation, it is certainly easier than having a brit milah at age 99!