Who was Noach’s Wife?

My 1 ½ year old son, Yehuda, knows the names of every toy in our home. The only toy without a name is the little doll with gray hair that comes with our toy Noah’s ark set, simply called “Noach’s wife”.

Did Noach’s wife have a name?

The midrash in Breisheet Raba explains: “Rabbi aba Bar Kahana said: Na’ama was Noach’s wife. Why did they call her Na’ama? She was called Na’ama because she performed good deeds (maasim neimim)”.

Na’ama is mentioned in the Torah in Breisheet 4:22: “And Tzillah (Lemech’s wife) gave birth to Tuval Kayin… and his sister was Na’ama”.

Leah Shakdiel points out that although her name is not mentioned in the story of Noach, Na’ama is actually the first woman whose birth is mentioned in the list of generations (the other women were only listed once they married in to the family).

According to Sefer HaYashar, Noach married Na’ama when he was 498 years old.

In Breisheet Raba 26:2, Rabbi Yudin asks “What took Noach so long to get married? After all the other people in his generation married young- they were married by the time that they were 100-200 years old”.

The reason that God wanted Noach to wait was because if his children would have been bad then God would have had to destroy them in the flood. If Noach’s children were good (and in turn had a lot of good children) then they would have had to build a lot of arks. Therefore, God made Noach sterile until he was 500 years old and by the time the flood came, even his oldest son Yefet was not even 100 years old yet (the time that a person was responsible in those days for their transgressions- kind of like the age of Bar/ Bat Mitzvah today and therefore could not be punished in the flood.)

My next question is, who were Noach’s sons wives? I think that we will save that for another day!


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