Why Did Avraham Bury Sarah in That Cave?

Parshat Chayei Sarah begins with the story of Sarah’s death and Avraham’s quest to buy a plot of land where he can bury her.

Why does Avraham choose Ma’arat HaMachpelah (the Cave of the Patriarchs)?

Pirkei D’Rebi Eliezer explains: In Parshat Vayera, three men (angels) came to visit Avraham. Avraham ran to prepare a feast for them. Avraham chased a calf which he hoped to serve them into a cave and was shocked to find out that this is where Adam and Chava were buried.

Rabbi Abba Zvi Naiman quotes the Zohar: “When Avraham entered the cave, a doorway of Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) was revealed to him. Through this portal, he saw the likeness of Adam, the only man who ever lived in Gan Eden. Ma’arat HaMachpela was a gateway to the spirituality experienced only by Adam and Chava before their downfall.”

At that moment, Avraham resolved to bury his family in Ma’arat Hamachpela.

We see from here that Ma’arat HaMachpela had spiritual significance dating all of the way back to the creation of the world.

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